Zoom + Pulse

Automatically share in your Slack status when you’re meeting in Zoom.


How does Zoom work with Slack? 

Slack and Zoom are collectively used by millions of teams each day around the world.  So many people use these products together that Slack offers a direct method for holding Zoom calls in Slack alongside its own conferencing feature.  But, teams point to a few pain-points of these integrations that Pulse is solving.

Pain points reported by Slack and Zoom users:

• Slack users report that they are often interrupted by teammates’ notifications while they are on a Zoom call.  This is compounded when the user is screen sharing to an audience. 

• This same issue has another impact beyond distractions — teammates are generally unaware of who’s meeting in the workspace, which is lonely and reduces team connectedness as found in physical workspaces.

How Pulse’s Zoom integration helps?

Pulse integrates with Zoom to automatically update your displayed Slack status whenever you enter a Zoom meeting from your desktop or another device (eg. mobile).  Your status will show as ☎️  (phone/telephone emoji) to indicate that you are in a meeting. If multiple users in the same Slack workspace are in the same Zoom meeting, your status will show as a 🥝  (or other fruit emoji) to indicate that all of you are in a meeting together. 


The Pulse Zoom integration helps signal to your team that you’re occupied in a meeting (either internal or external) to protect you from ill-timed interruptions.  It also serves as a way to increase awareness of the meetings starting and occurring across your organization for increased productivity and team collaboration.  

The Pulse Zoom integration includes these optional capabilities:  

• Include the other meeting attendees’ names as part of your status
• Include the Zoom meeting titles when available
• Instantly get the Zoom meeting link directly from within Slack by typing the /Pulse command into the messaging window of the teammate(s) meeting

How to hide embarrassing notifications during a Zoom screen share?

Slack notifications during your zoom screen share can be embarrassing.  Pulse syncs your Zoom activity with  Slack to automatically update your status to ‘In a meeting’ when you are in a Zoom meeting whether from the desktop or mobile.  

How to find the Zoom URL?

Pulse makes it easy to get the link to the meetings happening in your workspace.  When you see a teammate or teammates are in a zoom meeting enter the command “/Pulse” into the teammates messaging window or the channel they are actively within and Pulse will return with the Zoom link directly in the messaging thread. It’ll save you real time and headache.

How to see who is in the Zoom meeting? 

With Zoom connected, Pulse will update your status in Slack whenever you enter a Zoom meeting.  Your status will be shown as a fruit emoji (ex. 🥝  , 🍓  , 🍌) or (phone/telephone emoji) to indicate that you are in a meeting. Common fruit emojis are used to show when groups of people are in the same meeting.

You can try the Pulse Zoom integration by navigating to Pulse Settings > Zoom.