Trello for Slack

Trello + Pulse


Automatically share in your Slack status when you’re in Trello. 

How does Trello work with Slack? 
Trello is used by millions, and it’s a favorite project management tool used by our team at Pulse. Trello has a popular Slack app called Trello for Slack

With Trello for Slack, you can: 


  • Add new Trello cards to boards directly from Slack with /trello add
  • Join Trello cards (and boards!), change due dates, attach conversations and a lot more.
  • Invite @Trello to a channel for automated card & board previews including members, descriptions, comments and more.
  • Allow Slack workspace members to join your Trello workspace & boards in one click.

How does Pulse complement the Trello Slack app?
The Trello App brings Trello functionality directly to your Slack workspace.  Trello activity like comments, new cards, changes to due dates, and board previews are all brought into a channel for team awareness.  
Seeing this activity can be a helpful workflow for some, and noisy for others.  Pulse takes a different approach to bringing Trello activity to the Slack workspace.
How Pulse’s Trello integration helps? 
Trello for Slack
When you connect and authorize your Trello account with Pulse, your Slack status and emoji will update automatically as you use the Trello app or Web app.  Based on preferences, this can be set to simply display “In Trello” (or the like), or as granular as the precise Trello card you’re interacting with, recently created, or closed.
Benefits of connecting Trello with Pulse? 
Using both the Pulse Trello and Trello Slack apps provide a way for teams to interact with Trello directly within their Slack workspace.  For users that want channel-based notifications, the Trello Slack app provides two-way communication with the task management app. Pulse serves as a way for users to signal in real time when they are engaging with Trello — resulting in way to produce more timely communication and collaboration, similar to that of in-office discussions that stem from physically seeing the work underway.
We hope you’ll try the Pulse Trello integration to see if it improves your team’s Trello workflow.