Status is more than just a green dot ()

Pulse helps improve workplace awareness, reduces interruptions, encourages more timely

communication & collaboration, and helps your online workspace run more smoothly.



Status helps teams work better together.

Teams using Automatic Status report a…


Reduction in interruptions while

using slack.


Increase in Employee

Satisfaction Index (ESI).


Increase in ad-hoc


Helping hundreds of remote teams

Status is the Pulse of your team

Happy remote teams set clear boundaries for communication

Connects teams across multiple time zones.

Pulse helps to answer the ‘is now a good time to message?’ question right in the status.


Automatically handles international holidays.

Pulse shares when teammates are off for their local holidays, and when they’re expected to be back.

Informs teammates when you’re at the office.

Pulse lets your team members opt-in to auto-share when they’re working from HQ vs. home office; or other work locations.

Builds a more positive work experience.

Customize your statuses to suit your style, and let your  team express themselves in an entirely new way that encourages a healthy work environment.


Tells teams more than the calendar can.

Pulse converts teammates’ calendar entries into custom statuses and emojis that constantly update, quickly inform, and bring your team’s Slack workspace to life.

Lets your team focus.

Pulse helps to prevent ill-timed interruptions and increase the amount of focus time teams need to get work done.

Integrations to fit any business use case.

Discover some of the creative integration flows made possible with Pulse

“To stay in sync and collaborate more effectively in Slack, we integrated Pulse with real-time and recent Salesforce activity and Google Sheets file names.  Incorporating these workflows into a highly visible location as part of our statuses has significantly improved the way we use Slack.”

VP of Sales

“We integrated PTO, holidays, and vacation schedules from our ADP business account to automatically appear as part of employee statuses.”

Vice President of Human Resources

“We enabled time zone indicators directly into our team statuses so that our employees can immediately know local times, work hours, and expected next online insights.  It saves our team valuable time and helps build empathy for employees wherever they are.”

Director of Employee Relations

“We added Pulse to our Slack workspace and connected to Jira, Google Docs, GitLab, and a variety of other coding tools.  Seeing teammates in Jira and on a specific task or issue is now basically an open invitation to sync up — It’s a great connector.”

Head of Engineering

“Pulse integrations with Asana, Google Workspace, Trello, and others infuse Slack statuses with helpful information that makes our team more aware of each other’s work and availability.”

Marketing Director

“Since we started using Pulse, we have significantly more confidence knowing our call transfers will go smoothly to a readily available representative.  We also connected our Twillio software to Pulse to provide information about the calls in progress and recently ended.” 

Customer Support & Community

Pulse is workplace ready.

Dedicated success managers to help set up custom integrations and workflows.  Pulse is working towards our SOC2 certificationDomain-level configuration of integrations, team administration, and billing.

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