Pulse Pricing


Per user billed monthly
Full experience for the first five
users in your Slack workspace
App Integrations
(Calendar, Google Drive, Figma, Jira, Trello, Salesforce, Zoom, + more )
Focus Detection
Meeting Detection
Add to SlackAdd to Slack
Per user billed monthly
Full experience for the first 50
users in your Slack workspace
Custom app integration
Onboarding session for team
Remove 'Pulse' branding
Access to early Pulse features
Add to SlackAdd to Slack
Let's talk.
For more than 50 users
in your Slack workspace
Administrative tools
Dedicated success manager
Workspace deployment
Custom reports
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Pricing FAQ

What is a Pulse user?
Pulse Team pricing is based on active monthly users.  An active monthly user is a user that has Pulse connected to their Slack account to automatically update status.  If a user disconnects Pulse from their Slack account, they will be considered inactive irrespective of whether you have the Pulse desktop app installed.  Teams are only charged for the number of active monthly Pulse users in their workspace and can have as few or as many users as they’d like using Pulse.

How does Pulse pricing work?
The full Pulse experience is free for the first 5 members in your Slack workspace.  After your workspace exceeds 5 users, some users may have limited access to all Pulse features.  For teams greater than 5 users that want all members to experience the full Pulse feature set, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan and will be charged per user per month based on all active Pulse users. For larger businesses, we offer custom plans, please contact us.

Can I evaluate Pulse with a large team for free?
Yes. Please  and we’d be happy to add a 14-day free trial period to your account.  We are here to support you and to help you get started with your team, so please reach out with any questions.

Can someone pay for Pulse on my behalf?
Yes. Any Pulse user in your connected Slack workspace can upgrade Pulse.  If you’d like to add a billing account that is not a Pulse user in the workspace, please contact us.

What is your cancellation policy?
We do not offer cancellations. If you cancel Pulse before the next renewal cycle, you will retain access to paid features until the end of your subscription period. When your subscription expires, you will lose access to paid features.