Jira for Slack

Jira + Pulse

Automatically share in your Slack status when you’re in Jira. 

How does Jira work with Slack?

Jira has a great Slack integration that lets you stay up to date with your team’s Jira Cloud updates without ever leaving Slack.  Once you’ve connected your Jira project to your Slack workspace, new tickets and Jira activity can be sent directly into a dedicated Slack channel and users can receive notifications when mentioned or assigned tickets.  Inversely, users of this integration can create tickets directly within Slack and they are populated in the team’s Jira account.

How does Pulse’s Jira integration work?

Pulse integrates with Jira to let you and your team automatically share Jira activity with your teammates as part of your Slack status.  Pulse presents Jira activity inside your teams’ status.  Hover on your teammates in the Slack sidebar to view recent Jira activity like newly created Jira issues, comments to issues, or closed issues.  Configure Pulse to show when teammates go into the Jira app in real-time to help facilitate spontaneous collaboration.

How does the Pulse Jira integration differ from the Jira’s own Slack integration?

The main difference between these two Slack add-ons is that Jira’s integration works to inform you about new tickets and assigned items you’re connected to.   Pulse’s Jira integration is more about informing teammates when you are in a specific Jira ticket as a smart way to initiate timely collaboration.  Teammates can also use Pulse to get a quick summary of your recent Jira activity as a means to help keep them aware of shared work that’s transpired.  This helps teams feel more aware and connected when they are working synchronously or asynchronously.

More details

Pulse takes user activity that’s already visible to teammates within their shared Jira account and formats this information directly into the user’s profile status in Slack.  If the user is making real-time edits in Jira, teammates across Slack can see this and connect to discuss relevant issues.  Alternatively, if the user recently made edits, comments, or created a Jira, Pulse publishes this information along with other opted insights like users’ calendar events, work hours, and real-time activity in other shared team work applications.

You can try the Pulse Jira integration by navigating to Pulse Settings > Jira.