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Google Meet + Pulse


How Pulse works with Google Meet and Slack

How does Google Meet work with Slack? 
The Google Calendar App for Slack lets users create calendar events directly from within the Slack workspace.  You can also get notified prior to a Google Calendar event start time and easily join the meeting with a helpful meeting link in the notifications.  Want to see your daily calendar?  Enter the command /gcal and the Google Calendar app will return your upcoming calendar schedule without leaving Slack. 
/gcal command for Slack app
When you are in a meeting, the Google Calendar app will automatically update your Slack status to ‘In a meeting’ during the calendar event. 
How does Pulse complement the Google Calendar Slack app?:  
Pulse goes a bit further to integrate with Google Meet to automatically update your Slack status whenever you enter a Google Meet meeting from your desktop, regardless of whether the event is a scheduled calendar event.  Your status will show as ☎️ to indicate that you are in a meeting, or you can customize any emoji. 
Pulse Google Meet Integration for Slack
What’s more, the Pulse Google Meet integration allows users the option to also share the meeting event title with your teammates, giving more context than simply showing ‘in a meeting’.  This also applies to sharing attendee names in the meeting, which for the first time lets teammates see who’s meeting across the workspace via Google Meet.  
How Pulse’s Google Meet integration helps? 
The Pulse Google Meet integration helps signal to your team that you’re occupied in a meeting (either internal or external) to protect you from ill-timed interruptions.  It also serves as a way to increase awareness of the meetings starting and occurring across your organization for increased productivity and team collaboration.
Steps to connect Pulse to your Google Meet
We’ve detailed the steps to connect Pulse with Google Meet here