Slack tips and tricks for 2022

Here are a few of the recent Slack tips and tricks as of May 2022: 

See your teammates side-by-side in the Slack sidebar —

See Slack sidebar with teammates organized.

You can group your teammates (or the teammates you frequently engage with) together by using the ‘starred’ feature.  Search the teammates you want in your sidebar view and click on their profile image. You can then click on the star icon to neatly move them into your starred sidebar making it easy to see your entire team or collaborators in one organized view. 

Send a direct message to any user from a channel —

How to use /msg in slack across channels

Enter: /msg @[username] to quickly direct message anyone in your workspace from any channel, so you save steps navigating across Slack to message them. 

Send a Scheduled message — 

How to schedule Slack message.

A nice newer feature is the ability to schedule messages to be delivered when it’s more likely your teammate(s) are online or available.   So, we can stop sending notifications to teammates when they are outside working hours, when in a meeting, when focused, etc.

Slackbot – Set up a reminder feature —

How to set a reminder in Slack

This is a super helpful Slackbot feature.  Go to your Slackbot and type /remind to set all kinds of reminders that will ping you based on your needs including these examples from Slack:

  • /remind me to drink water at 3pm every day
  • /remind me on June 1st to wish Linda happy birthday
  • /remind #team-alpha to “Update the project status today” every Monday at 9am
  • /remind @jessica about the interview in 3 hours
  • /remind @peter tomorrow “Please review the office seating plan”

You can also use /remind snooze [some description of time] in a direct message with Slackbot to request that a reminder be repeated later. For example:

  • /remind snooze for 2 hours
  • /remind snooze until Friday

Or, use /remind list to see the list of all your reminders.

Bookmarks in channels  —

Adding a link to a Slack channel as a bookmark

This feature was just recently added by Slack.  Go to any channel and look to the top navigation bar where you’ll now see a + Add a bookmark link.  Here you can add links, folders, etc. that are easily accessible.  As an example our team has added links to our Zoom meetings, Trello, Jira, Google Drive files, etc.

Keyboard shortcuts  —

Slack has some great time-saving shortcuts which you can see by entering ⌘/ 

Some of my favorites:

⌘ + K = quickly jump to channels, people, files, and more. 
Super helpful way to navigate around Slack. 

⌘ + Shift + D = show/hide sidebar.

If seeing channels and teammates is distracting you when you’re focusing, you can temporarily toggle the sidebar out of view.

⌘ + Shift + E = Directory 

Pull up the team directory in one second with this shortcut. 

Fun slash command — 

Learn how to Shrug in Slack

Enter /shrug in the message window to generate the ‘I don’t know’ response:


Cool themes  —

How to create Slack themes.

Slack provides a bunch of nice theme designs if you go into preferences > themes. 

There is also a free site called that has some awesome themes to make your workspace look great.