Want to Keep Work on Track? Try These Smart Scheduling Apps

The modern workplace is more distracting than ever. With remote, hybrid and distributed models becoming the norm, you need to schedule your time effectively and minimize distractions. A good scheduling app is vital for keeping you focused and productive.

What is a Scheduling App? What Does it Do?

An appointment scheduling app allows people outside your enterprise to book slots or portions of your time. It’s an essential tool for customer-facing businesses that rely on appointments, allowing customers to directly book appointments with you or your team.

A good appointment scheduling app lets you set parameters to control precisely when you and your team are available. It also prevents double-booking, or overlapping of appointments. By streamlining your schedule, it allows you to use time blocking to control your availability.

The interface of a scheduling app can come in different forms. But they all have a customer-facing web interface that allows potential customers to book appointments directly with your enterprise.

How to Choose a Scheduling App

As with any customer-facing app, ease of use is vital when choosing a scheduling app. Since your schedule involves a wide variety of people looking to book slots to interact with you, the scheduling app needs to be intuitive and easy to understand for all demographics.

Also, the more programs and workflows a scheduling app can synchronize with, the better. Look for apps that can automatically update your schedule, let your team know what you’re doing, and minimize the backend work you have to do to keep everyone on the same page.

Best Scheduling Apps to Keep Your Work on Track

Square Appointments

Created by the team behind Square, the popular payment processing app, the scheduler has impressive integrations that make it an excellent choice. It integrates seamlessly with Square to let customers pay for appointments while booking. It also allows you to charge cancellation fees.

Plus, Square Appointments offers both iOS and Android versions so that you can manage your schedule on the go. Its Instagram and Google integrations are great for managing advertising, and it syncs with Google Calendar — one of the best Slack apps for remote teams — to keep your schedule updated all the time.

A screenshot of the Square appointment booking system on a tablet.


What sets this scheduling app apart is its ease of integration. Calendly syncs with popular productivity apps such as Google Meet, GoToMeeting, and Zoom, making it an excellent choice for consultants, business coaches, and others whose workday typically involves a lot of appointments.

Calendly also integrates with Slack, a popular workplace communication tool. Therefore, Calendly is a great scheduling app to use along with Pulse, a team productivity app that automatically updates your Slack status in real time. 

Syncing Calendly and Pulse with Slack will enable you to keep your team informed about when you’re in a meeting or at an appointment, and it also allows you to block off focus time to get deep work done. (Do you want to know what is focus time? Read this informative article).


Keep up with your schedule on the go with Setmore, which allows you to book unlimited appointments and includes mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. The app’s premium plan lets you set up recurring payments, sync with Google Calendar, and with payment processing platforms such as Square and PayPal. It also sends you SMS reminders of your appointments.

Being able to book unlimited appointments on the free plan makes it a great choice for companies on a tight budget. If you try the premium plan, you’ll get an impressive range of features that make it one of the best scheduling apps.

Laptop and phone showing Setmore appointment booking software


Unlike the other scheduling apps on this list, Doodle doesn’t offer a free plan. However, it offers a 14-day free trial of its paid plans so that you can get a sense of what this app is like before deciding to go for a paid version.

With Doodle, you get unlimited booking pages so that many customers can book appointments with you and your team. You can also schedule on behalf of others, which is a key feature if you have a big team that includes schedulers or assistants.


SimplyBook.me is a leading app in the medical field, offering HIPAA compliance. It also has admin and client apps so patients can schedule appointments with doctors, therapists, and other medical professionals. The scheduling process is simple and comes with customizable booking options.

Its free plan gives you 50 bookings per month. Beyond that, the basic plan gives you 100 bookings per month with up to 15 users. If HIPAA compliance is essential to you, you’ll need to invest in either the standard or premium plan, which allow 500 and 2,000 monthly bookings, respectively.

Screenshot of SimplyBook.me appointment booking on laptop, tablet, and phone.

FAQs About Scheduling Apps

What is a scheduling app?

It is an app that allows customers and clients limited access to your schedule so that they can book appointments with you or your team. The best scheduling apps go beyond this, integrating with your calendar, Slack, advertising channels, and many other aspects of your business.

Do I need a scheduling app?

Scheduling apps free up your time by removing you from most of the scheduling process. Simply set up the parameters that allow someone to book an appointment, and they can find a time that works best for them. It frees you up to develop your business or work on other important tasks.

What are the benefits of a scheduling app?

The most significant benefit of a scheduling app is the time you’ll save by not having to schedule your appointments manually. Get a scheduling app that syncs automatically with your calendars and those of your team, and you’ll spend much less time planning your work and more time doing it.

Also, scheduling apps help you avoid double-booking or forgetting necessary appointments. Some of them also send text, email, or Slack reminders and can even help you collect payment for your services.

Are there any free scheduling apps?

Many of the apps we’ve listed have free versions that have limited features. If you’re operating a small team, SimplyBook.me, Setmore, and Square Appointments all offer free versions. If you’re a solo entrepreneur or lead a very small team, these free versions should serve your purpose. But if you want to unlock the full power of what a scheduling app can do for you, you’ll probably need to pay.

Get a Scheduling App Today!

As you now know, a good scheduling app comes with multiple benefits. It will help keep your work on track and eventually contribute to productivity.

If you want to maximize your productive time, choosing a scheduling app that syncs with Pulse and Slack is an intelligent way to do it. Let these trusted and user-friendly tools take care of your schedule while you focus on the big picture and grow your business.