8 Best Apps for Slack to Boost Your Team’s Productivity

Slack, Your Digital HQ!

Slack is a popular workplace communications platform that makes it super easy for an enterprise to manage a remote team. With Slack, you can make calls, share documents, and keep your team updated. When combined with popular Slack apps, productivity is supercharged.

What are Slack Integrations (Apps)?

Slack integrations allow you to combine the power of Slack’s messaging and collaboration features with dozens of other productivity apps. In fact, Slack’s App Directory offers a dedicated list to help you find the best Slack apps for remote teams so that you can make everyone work together effectively.

To add a Slack integration easy, all you need to do is give Slack and the program you’re trying to integrate the necessary permissions, and you’re ready to go!

Screenshot showing Slack’s integrations menu

Why Slack Integrations are Essential for Your Business

Slack, unlike many alternatives, has a rich ecosystem of integrations available. Tech giants such as Google and Microsoft offer custom Slack integrations to help their apps work flawlessly with Slack.

Slack integrations can streamline your workflow and boost your team’s productivity. Take Pulse, for example. It can guide you on how to manage Slack notifications in such a way that you don’t get interrupted when you’re in deep focus. And while you’re in deep work, protecting your focus time, you can keep your team connected on what you’re doing. 

Here are eight popular Slack apps to supercharge your productivity:


Sometimes, trying to explain everything through text just doesn’t work. Video is a powerful tool for showing someone exactly what you mean, making it perfect for remote teams.

Loom combines the immediacy of video with the asynchronous communication Slack is known for. With Loom, you can record short video messages to share with your team. You can show them what you’re seeing on your own screen and how you’re using an app or any other process, cutting down on miscommunication.

Loom integrates with Slack to let you start recording Loom videos right from your Slack workspace. Just type /loom, and you can start recording either yourself or your screen so that you can communicate effortlessly with your team.

Screenshot showing a Loom video being shared in Slack.


Notion is a notetaking and project management app that makes collaboration easy. Notion integrates seamlessly with Slack, letting you preview Slack messages directly in Notion. It also allows you to share notes and collaborate on projects no matter where you are in the world.

Notion’s workspace lets you customize your workflow and share documents, teams, messages, and everything else you need to run your company in one spot. Its integration with Slack means you can even bring your Slack chats to Notion to keep everything together.


Figma is a web-based graphics editor and design tool that is built around collaboration. Figma allows teams to work together on logos, graphics, website design, and just about every other aspect of your company’s visual branding.

When integrated with Slack, Figma can notify you when new Figma or FigJam files are created or when you’re tagged or mentioned. You can get updates in any Slack channel you like and get them in real time or set them up to come to you at set times. This helps keep your whole team up-to-date on what’s happening with your designs.


You’re probably already familiar with Evernote. It’s a great app that lets you take meeting notes, brainstorm ideas, action items, and just about anything else. With Evernote’s integration for Slack, you can convert any message posted in Slack to a note, which you can then save and share with your team. 


The to-do list is a tried-and-tested method of staying organized and making sure you don’t miss out on anything important. Todoist is a great task manager that lets you create to-do lists that you can access anywhere and from any device. 

Todoist’s Slack integration lets you create tasks and assign them to coworkers within a Slack channel or via direct message. You can also convert Slack messages to Todoist tasks to make sure you don’t forget things your coworkers need from you and vice versa.

Screenshot showing how to add a Todoist task in Slack.


Nowadays, just about everyone has used the video conferencing application, Zoom. But joining a conference call from Slack can be cumbersome requiring you to share links.

Zoom’s Slack plugin lets you type “/zoom” into a Slack channel, and the app will create a conference call URL without you having to leave Slack.
Screenshot of Slack notification from Zoom.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the defacto calendar app for work for many.

When you integrate Google Calendar with Slack, Google Calendar will update your schedule each day when you log in and show you upcoming events. Additionally, you can allow Slack to update your status so that your team knows whether you’re in a meeting or on vacation.


Trello is a popular workplace project management app. Its intuitive system of boards and cards makes it easy to keep track of what has been assigned to whom, what has been completed, and what is pending. 

With Trello for Slack, you can quickly  attach Slack conversations to those Trello cards. You can change the due dates on Trello cards without leaving Slack, and share and assign tasks right from Slack itself.


Let Productivity Soar

The sheer number of apps that can integrate with Slack demonstrates how powerful it is. Far more than just being a messaging app, Slack allows for deep collaboration no matter where your team is located.