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Automatic Status for Slack

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Pulse automatically updates your Slack status in real-time based on your preferences, level of⚡️ focus, calendar, work hours, and the apps you use.
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Put your Slack status on autopilot

It stops interruptions, encourages collaboration based on your schedule, increases daily focus time, makes your team more connected, and so much more. 

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Adjusts with your work hours

Pulse puts an end to the ‘Always On’ culture by helping manage your team’s expectations around your availability — so teammates know when is best to connect with you and respect your boundaries.

Displays when you’re in a meeting

Pulse smartly updates your status and ‘Do not disturb’ settings whenever you’re on Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Slack Huddle, or any video/audio tool.  Teams using Pulse can see who’s meeting together via color-coded emojis (currently available for Zoom and Google Meet).

Protects your focus time

Without in-person cues, your workspace teammates have no way to know when you’re in deep focused work. Pulse uses AI to automatically display when you enter a focused state so your teammates know not to disturb.  You can also set calendar rules which change your status to show you’re focusing during blocked focus time or events marked as focus.

Study: It takes 23 minutes to refocus after a distraction

Flows with your calendar

Connect your calendar with Pulse and your status will change automatically based on your events.  Set rules based on keywords and create the message you’d like to appear whenever these meetings, or planned events occur.

Shares when you’re open to collaborating

Let your teammates know when you’re working in common work apps as a way to invite communication and collaboration at the perfect time.  You can choose to share the basic type of work you’re amidst, or decide to share the detailed file-names of the app you’re working in. 

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Improves your wellbeing and builds empathy

Pulse status is fun and it supports multiple statuses at once, providing teammates with informative insights you want to share like PTO, recent work completed, the music you’re listening to, the local weather, your big plans for the weekend, and much more.  

Informs when you’re at the office

Pulse lets your teammates opt-in to to auto-share when they’re working from HQ vs. home; or other locations.

Instantly update status

View and control your status right from your desktop via the Pulse helper app.  Share status to all of your apps including Slack, web pages, and more.

You are always in control

Pulse runs locally and securely on your own computer and only shares business application-related statuses which you may opt to connect and share with your team from our list of supported applications.


Pulse respects your data privacy. SOC 2 compliance is pending. View our full privacy policy.

Pulse for Developers

Interested in adding automatic status into your app or providing your data as a signal for Pulse status?  We are integrating with partners like Salesforce, ADP, and others to bring status to Slack, Microsoft Teams, and other workplace tools.

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