Pulse - Automatic Status for Slack

Automatic Status for Slack

Status that helps you

look good

Pulse automatically updates your Slack status in real-time based on your preferences, level of⚡️ focus, calendar, and the apps you use.
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Available for free.  No credit card required.
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Lets teammates know when it’s best to connect automatically

Flexible work means our hours, meeting times, office location, time zones, and vacation schedules constantly change — and manually updating your Slack status can be a pain.

The Pulse app automates your status based on AI and your own rules.

Tells them when you’re in a meeting

Booked calendar events do not always reflect our availability. Meetings end early or run long.

Pulse smartly syncs with your calendar and meeting tools and uses intelligence to automatically detect and display when you’re ‘On a call’ or ‘In a meeting’.  Teams using Pulse can see who’s meeting together via color-coded emojis.

Automatically detects when you’re in focus

Nothing is more disruptive to work productivity than interruptions. Pulse uses AI to automatically display when you enter a focused state.  It can even snooze your notifications until you come out of focus.

Study: It takes 23 minutes to refocus after a distraction

Personalize your status via

app integrations

Toggle on App Collaboration which supports a growing list of 200+ popular business apps.

From Asana · ‘organizing tasks’ to Zendesk · ‘in support’, when you’re in a supported work-related app, your status will display a categorical view of the type of work you’re in.

Work side-by-side, when you want

Apps like Figma and Google Docs have ushered in a hyper-collaborative way for teammates to interact together online around a shared file.  Pulse brings this ability to all of your connected work apps!

When desired, enable app collaboration and automatically share files you’re working on as part of your status. Your teammates can then connect with you at exactly the right times.

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Express yourself through status

Status is more than just work.  Make your calendar events shine with cool emojis for every event.  Whether at lunch or on the Peloton, your status can tell your team more about you.  Add friends to share status outside of work.  You control how to express yourself.

Instantly update status

View and control your status right from your desktop via the Pulse helper app.  Share status to all of your apps including Slack, web pages, and more.

You are always in control

Pulse runs locally and securely on your own computer and only shares business application-related statuses which you may opt to connect and share with your team from our list of supported applications.


Pulse respects your data privacy. SOC 2 compliance is pending. View our full privacy policy.

Pulse for Developers

Interested in adding automatic status into your app or providing your data as a signal for Pulse status?  We are integrating with partners like Salesforce, ADP, and others to bring status to Slack, Microsoft Teams, and other workplace tools.

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